My Story

Surrounded by so much history at the theater at Caesarea Martima…just thinking.

It goes by fast, right? I can remember like a flash my prodigal journey through high school and college to coming to faith in Yeshua/Jesus: that was more than 30 years ago. After leaving the nightclub scene in the 80’s, the Lord has led me on a journey that went from pretty much total ignorance about the Bible and spiritual things, to working in a support role in Jewish missions, and eventually acquiring my undergraduate degree from Southern Evangelical Seminary.

After touring Israel three different times over the past ten years, I am looking forward to spending time working in the Land. On my previous trips I was surprised to coincidentally meet certain people in different places at different times–so much so, I grew to expect such ‘surprises’. Space does not permit me to share them here, but it became evident that the Lord was able to put me in exactly the right place at the right time. I expect no less His guidance for the future.

I am now living in Israel, and while here I hope to be a blessing to God’s Chosen People, through whom Gentiles like me have received the Scriptures and knowledge of God. As God leads, I also hope to be a blessing to all I meet, whether Jewish or Arab or wherever people are from (everybody’s from somewhere, right?). Please pray with me that as I live and walk among people, the Lord will shine His goodness and life through me.

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