I’m Here: Shalom from Jerusalem!

talpiot from apt2
Looking southwest, sunset view of Talpiot from my apartment window.

Shalom from Jerusalem! Whew, it’s hot over here!

Anyway, I got to Israel late yesterday afternoon, spent about two hours getting processed through the immigration/border security system, and arrived at my apartment in Talpiot in southeast Jerusalem at about 8:30pm. That is a long day.

My roommate is Mosh (Hebrew short form of Moses) from Indiana via Florida. He is retired, a Jewish believer who served in the IDF many years ago. We sat and talked a while last night, at least for as long as I could hold my eyes open. He is a good brother in the Lord and I think this will work out well. Imagine, I get to go to Israel and have Moses for a roommate.

First Day
I woke up about 4:30 this morning, had a rich time for my devotions, and caught the bus to the CFI office across town where I met several of the staff and volunteers and had lunch with them. The CFI staff is an interesting mix of people from several countries including Latvia, Holland, Finland, Spain, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Korea, the UK and the US, who are all serving the people of Israel in Yeshua’s Name.

Our offices have recently moved to the Egged Central Bus Station in Jerusalem, which on the bottom two floors is like a shopping mall. It is encouraging to see the rapport that the CFI staff has with the local Israelis: this morning we got coffee at a local Aromas coffee shop there in the building, and Pama the office administrator was practicing her Hebrew with some of them. I also met Avi*, a young Israeli man who signed me up for my phone service, and Dov*, from whom I bought a new battery for my phone. I also received help finding the right bus stop from a young Israeli soldier, Rachel*. She found it interesting that I had moved from the US to serve with a ‘Christian’ amutah (non-prophet org) to help Israelis, and I responded it was because of what G-d has done in my life.

In Jerusalem
The driving here is… crazy! Israeli culture is very expressive and they really like their horns.

After I got off of the bus, I picked up a few groceries on the way home. Fortunately I had my back pack to put them in—when I asked about a bag to put the groceries in, I received a look from the cashier that made me feel a little foolish, especially when she pointed to my backpack. Turns out, it is easier to carry groceries (or anything heavy) on your back than with your hands.

This weekend I will be visiting two different Messianic congregations with some of the people I will be working with. So we will see how that goes. Please pray that the Lord will lead me to the congregation or fellowship He would have me serve with.

Anyway, as I look out the window to the southwest I can see the sun setting over the mountain, which is bringing on Shabbat. Plus jet lag is creeping up on me, so, I’ll rest. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Looking forward to what our Shepherd is going to do with each of us, and Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem, the City of the Great King (Psalm 48:2).

*Names changed for individual’s privacy.


2 thoughts on “I’m Here: Shalom from Jerusalem!

  1. Shabbat Shalom brother, glad to hear you made it there safe and settled in with no issues. May the Lord be with you and bless you. Looking forward to hear and see how the Lord is using you mightily in the Land. Be safe brother.


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